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Hello & Happy New Year!!

This past weekend I was able to showcase a booth display at the Winter Bridal Celebrations bridal show, and truly had a blast meeting soon-to-be-brides. Given my encounters, I felt like it would be a great idea to give you guys a few quick tips on how to make the best of your time at bridal shows.

Bridal Show Survival Tips:

1. Leave Pre-Printed Info Stickers at Home. You may have been told in the past that making stickers with your contact information are a must have…I completely disagree! They may make it easy to enter into the free giveaways, but half the time you may not have included all the specific information that the vendor entry sheets require, resulting in automatic disqualification. Taking the time to fill out vendor forms not only ensures your eligibility to win a prize, but gives you a chance to practice your multi-tasking skills, LOL. No, seriously, in the little amount of time you spend writing down your information, vendors can provide you with lots of information about their services, prices, and more. This is your opportunity to get a free mini consultation and learn more about the company you may end up using. This brings me to the next tip…

2. Take Your Time! Some bridal shows may have upwards of 500 bridal vendors, and that can understandably be overwhelming. Just remember, it’s not race and there is no obligation to stop by every single booth. Use your time wisely, look at the map of vendor booths and categories and make a plan for your day. Make sure you speak to the vendors that peak your interest. Get to know them, ask questions. You can learn so much more through a 1 on 1 conversation than just reading a company description on a website.

3. Bring Friends. Bridal shows are exciting, why go at it alone? You can bring a few bridesmaids, parents, or even your fiancé (not to be used as a punishment…only for those that want to be involved in the wedding planning – I saw far too many grooms that would have much rather been watching football). Your entourage is there to help you talk to vendors, fill out information forms and bounce off ideas with. Who wouldn’t like a “Girl’s Day” that includes all things wedding?

4. Take Samples, Brochures & Even Pictures. After walking around for hours talking to numerous vendors, it can all get confusing. You may not remember all the details a vendor told you, but with vendor cards you can easily recap the information once you are in the peace of your home and reviewing the things in your goodie bag. I also recommend jotting down a few quick notes about each vendor on the back of their advertising material (e.g. “Great bruschetta”, “Loved the staff”, “Lady with purple dress”, etc.).

5. HAVE FUN! This is pretty self-explanatory, but basically, eat, drink, watch a runway show, and enjoy.

Quick Recap: Take your time enjoying the company of your friends or family while getting free stuff and learning about vendors!

Rustic weddings are what’s hot, so my booth, as displayed below, followed the trend. Hope you like it!

Rustic Bridal Show Booth

Rustic Bridal Show Hutch

Rustic Cake w/ Apple Crates
Rustic Table Setting

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