The Newest Trend: Dog Birthday Parties

Dog Birthday Chalk Board

Many people may think this is crazy, but quite frankly, for those young adults that haven't expanded their family with human kids, their dogs are the closest thing to it. Dogs are not just man's best friend, but family, and naturally, all family members deserve a celebration for their birthday.

I recently planned a birthday party for Bella, an adorable and full of life labradoodle (poodle and labrador mix). The party included a candy/treat table to please both humans and pups alike. With a guest list of 4 puppy friends and their human parents, it was surely an event to remember.


No matter what type of event, planning 101 teaches you to ALWAYS have a plan A, B and C! and if you want to be super safe, plan D. The biggest plan destroyer is of course Mother Nature, but other things can go wrong too...

Plan A:

Bella's owners planned on getting her a fence for her birthday (so sweet!) city building permits were pulled, and the completion was supposed to occur with days to spare before the big reveal at the birthday party. In walks life, unbeknownst to Bella's parents, the HOA had to approve the fence prior to building, and this process takes 5-30 days. Well, there goes that plan.

Plan B:

Temporary construction fencing. The labeling reads 4 ft. tall, well that's just the height of the stakes, not fabric. If you don't drive them all the way in, the dog goes under the fabric, if you drive them all the way in, the "fence" is 3 ft. and the dog goes over...

Plan C: Luckily, Bella's owners were able to clean out their garage and make it a play area for the dogs. It worked perfectly!

Another successful event for the books.

Party on, friends!

Birthday Treats Table

Birthday Dog Treats
Birthday Dog Favors
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