Laissez-faire [les-ey fair]

noun. French,  literally ‘allow to do.’ 

A policy or attitude of letting things take their own course, without interfering. 


                          is a gentle play on words, which incorporates my French-American heritage and my belief that a perfect event is one that everyone can enjoy (even the host), without having to worry about the details. The amount of input my clients have in the planning of an event is ultimately up to them; we can work closely together, or through periodic updates, but no matter what event, my goal is to throw the best party with the process being seamless and stress free to my clients.

What's in a Name?

About Me

My name is Audrey, and making the transition from my previous jobs as an attorney and auditor was a no brainer, as I just can't keep my mind off planning...whether it's helping friends plan weddings, parties for bachelorettes, New Year's Eve, Halloween or birthdays for adults, kids and even pets, I have to be a part of the preparations, and I love doing it!  


In addition to my experience planning great events, my training in previous careers, dealing with deadlines, budgets and contract negotiations will surely be of benefit to you.  My first large planning event was my own wedding in 2011.  I planned my wedding with a strict budget, during my last year of law school, studying for the Bar, all while being 3 states away from my venue.  No task is too large or challenging for me; tell me what you like, and I'll make it happen!


I would love to help you realize your vision by using your personal style and budget to provide you with venues, vendors, decor, invitations and much more! 


For more information, see my list of services, or give me a call.  I look forward to making your dreams come true!